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Sleep-In Rollers.®

Achieve that salon look at homeThey have arrived and are the answer to all our dreams!

After Establishing only two years ago Sleep-In Rollers have taken the UK by storm. Sleep-In Rollers are the celebrity choice of roller amongst many A-Listers around the world.

You will only have to flick through any Magazine to realise that the trend of big bouncy hair is here to stay.

Don't be fooled by pale imitations - our sleep in rollers are the originals and best and are the only rollers to be seen out-and-about in - just ask any A-list celebrity!


Once upon a time...

In a land far far away

Women were trying to define the real reason to beauty Sleep.

After trying the old hard roller and suffering with years of sleepless nights, Sleep-In Rollers produced a Revolutionary roller.

The Sleep-In Rollers are designed to flatten like  sponge like no other. With no heat or hard Velcro there is no damage to the hair making them also eco friendly. Body and Bounce is now achievable every night. #GoodbyeSleeplessNightsHelloGreatHair


 Special Offer Mega Bounce Black Sleep Rollers Scruffy Little Cat Lime Green & Purple 

What The Celebs are Saying

  • I absolutely love Sleep-in Rollers - I wish I thought of it!! Well done great product. I will be using them on my clients for sure. 

    Lino Carbosiero
    Celebrity Hairdresser
  • I Love  Sleep rollers. I always use your rollers they are amazing thank you xx 

    Julia Carta
    X Factor Head makeup Artist
  • Love sleep rollers. Our hair and makeup artist loves them even more.

    R J Mitte