Sleep-In Rollers.®

Welcome to the World of Sleep-In Rollers. Hair rollers have been around for decades. Rollers have always been seen as a beauty regime that must take place indoors. Sleep-In Rollers has not only changed the way hair rollers are used but has created history by making rollers fashionable. 

Never in a million years would we of thought that we would become an International brand in under 5 years. We have distributors across the world and are just about to take the USA by storm. 

You will notice now in most magazines, music videos, Celebrity interviews and pap shots that it is cool to be sporting Sleep-In Rollers.

Our Hall of Fame includes, Ellie Goulding, Cheryl Cole, Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Rochelle Hulmes, Pia Mia, Tamara Ecclestone, TOWIE....the list is endless. 

Join the revoloution, sport your Sleep-In Rollers and show the world "I AM FABULOUS!!!"






Our Point of Difference...

Sleep-In Rollers are designed to flatten like a sponge, no more trying to sleep with hard velcro rollers.

Sleep-In Rollers can be worn day or night. Lots of ladies use them not only to sleep in but as a prepping tool styling their hair in the morning, popping in their rollers and having full confidence that all they need to do is remove them for big bouncy hair. #NoHeatNoDamage #BigHairDontCare #OriginalIsBest



What The Celebs are Saying

  • Love my Sleep-In Roller PJ's. Sleep-In Rollers think of everything!

    Nilam Holmes Patel
    HD Brows Director
  • I absolutely love Sleep-in Rollers - I wish I thought of it!! Well done great product. I will be using them on my clients for sure. 

    Lino Carbosiero
    Celebrity Hairdresser
  • I Love  Sleep rollers. I always use your rollers they are amazing thank you xx 

    Julia Carta
    X Factor Head makeup Artist
  • Love sleep rollers. Our hair and makeup artist loves them even more.

    R J Mitte